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 6 Tips to Persuasive Communication

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: 6 Tips to Persuasive Communication   Fri Jun 15, 2012 3:21 pm

The ability to persuade others — whether to go along with your plan of action or just to see the situation from your point of view — is a critical component of workplace success. But influencing others can be challenging! Here are six tips that can help you convince others to listen to your input, opinion, or plan of action:

1. Show, don’t tell.
It’s not just enough to tell others what you’re thinking — you have to show them. Whether it’s with hard data, examples, or showing your reasoning, information can be powerful.

2. Read your audience.
Pay attention to the subtle cues of how people are reacting — and be prepared to adjust your communication accordingly.

3. Don’t over-elaborate.
Don’t go on forever, particularly if people’s eyes are glazing over! Too much information can be as dangerous as too little. Give them the most important information — and the option of requesting more if they require it!

4. Focus on the result.
Don’t get sidetracked! Keep in mind what you are trying to accomplish — and if the conversation veers completely off course, bring it back. Otherwise, you end up wasting everybody’s time — and nothing actually gets decided.

5. Establish common ground.
You all want the same thing — the success of your team, your department, your organization! Start by finding common ground and you’ll start things off on the right foot.

6. Stay calm.
When you’re relaxed and calm, it shows that you’re confident in what you have to say — and that makes others more inclined to believe in you. So even if the conversation feels frustrating or as if they’re just not “getting” you, make sure that you stay measured ... even if it means rescheduling the conversation for another time.

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6 Tips to Persuasive Communication
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