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 Tomato stew with tomato

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Tác giảThông điệp

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Đến từ : Rain City
Registration date : 10/06/2008

Bài gửiTiêu đề: Tomato stew with tomato   Mon Jan 15, 2018 9:18 pm

Tomato stew with tomato
Delicious <3

4 people

1 kg of squid at the poissonnier
1 Red Pepper
4 tomatoes
1 onions
Tomato Concentrate
1 Glass of white wine
Garlic Powder
Fresh parsley
2 Squares of sugar

Cut the onion into small pieces, the pepper in thin strips and diced tomatoes.

Cut Squid Blades if they are too big
Book everything on plates.

Warm Olive Oil in a pig casserole

Put the pieces of onions and the lamelles.

Let cook stirring from time to time

When the peppers are bien and black

Déglasser with white wine glass.

Stir, add squid strips, add tomato slices, concentrate and cover all water, stir; grind with garlic, salt, pepper

Let's cook for 30 minutes.

Serve Hot with a little fresh parsley and accompany rice

Let the imagination eases your mind
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Tomato stew with tomato
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