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Đến từ : Rain City
Registration date : 10/06/2008

Bài gửiTiêu đề: Pear-based   Fri Jan 19, 2018 2:44 am


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4 TO 5 Pears (depending on size)
150 g flour
100 g powdered sugar
2 eggs
10 cl of milk
3 tablespoons oil
2 teaspoons chemical yeast

For Finishing:
80 g of butter
3 tablespoons sugar powder

In A Bowl, put the sugar, two eggs and 1 pinch of salt.

Whip the mixture until the preparation foam and make a ribbon.

Incorporate Flour and yeast and then paste the dough with milk and oil.

Heat your oven with thermostat 6 (180°C).

Pour half the dough into a 24 cm Diameter Mould, previously buttered and fariné.

Peel and épépinez pears, then cut them into strips.

Have these slats on the dough as you go

Pour the second half of the dough over it.

Enfournez and cook 30 min.

Prepare the mixture for the finish. Melt the soft butter.

In A Bowl, whip the egg with sugar

When the mixture is perfectly homogeneous, incorporate the melted butter.

After 30 minutes of cooking, take the cake out of the oven and pour this preparation to the surface.

Put the cake back in the oven for 20 minutes.

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